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Lake Tahoe Boat Rental from Napa

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Napa Lake Tahoe Boat Rental

Amazing Boat at lower cost than Rentals at the Shore of Tahoe. We arranged a 12 passenger boat that was delivered to us on the shore of Tahoe. We saved about $300 then renting the boat from a service on the shore of Tahoe.

Posted By: - John

On Dated: - 08/08/2016 10:11 AM

Clients Testimonial

Amazing Hummer Limo

Posted By - Moriah

Amazing Hummer Limo Rental Napa -- White H2

Range Rover Limo Rental

Posted By - Katty

Amazing Range Rover limo Rental in Napa -- Katty

Exotic Benz Limo Rental Napa

Posted By - Julia

Amazing Mercedes Limo Rental in Napa -- Exotic, good deal, Julia

Party Bus Rental Napa

Posted By - Jay

The most fun and exotic party bus rental in Napa

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